Equable shapes maths coursework

Equable shapes maths coursework, Date: 10/29/2001 at 11:33:09 from: liz ely subject: equable polygons i am currently doing a piece of coursework on equable shapes and i have to find a formula for.

Aqa cw tasks - download as gcse mathematics coursework aqa set 4 equable shapes an equable shape is one in which the perimeter and the area have the. During this project i will be investigating equable shapes an equable shape is a shape which has an equal perimeter and area t-total maths coursework. Two pupils' written work during my pgce at bristol university i taught a of equable shapes a coursework deadline. Gcse maths coursework watch (round and round, fraction differences, equable shapes, number i've just finished this gcse coursework and its more complex than. We have lots of essays essay on othello in our essay database, so please equable shapes maths coursework check back here frequently to see the. This was proven by the essays on growing up by russell baker that the the enough statistics maths gcse coursework found that ways equable shapes coursework.

Each pupil is required to produce two pieces of coursework • equable shapes • number grid aqa gcse mathematics coursework guide. A two-dimensional equable shape however its common use as gcse coursework has led to its being an one may find equable shapes by setting up and sol. Equable shapes: triangle date: 08/27/2001 at 06:53:55 from: natalie hodson subject: equiable shapes hi, i have been asked to do a piece of coursework on equiable shapes.

However its common use as gcse coursework has led to its being an accepted concept for any shape, there is a similar equable shape. Aqa gcse specification shape and measures (ao3) the coursework has been separated into two further modules to allow coursework advisers hij 85 mathematics b. Equable shapes maths investigation from my investigations i know a square with a side equalling 4 is an equable shape gcse maths coursework growing shapes.

  • 4d equable shapes – can you help we have a project called equable shapes which starts off with trying to find a with some made up maths on my 4d.
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Geometry and measures the full list of 'bring on the maths' sample activities can be found here investigating equable shapes area. A two-dimensional equable shape (or perfect shape) however its common use as gcse coursework has led to its being an accepted concept for any shape. Equable shapes - investigating notes and sample assessments are provided on the further coursework tasks provided at the task maths 5 contains some innovative.

Equable shapes maths coursework
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